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WTF(ertility): Weaponizing Fertility

Okay so this may be a touchy topic but honestly I am all about collaborating and not competing! Why does fertility or motherhood feel like a weapon that women can use to stab other women with? In a world that tells us that are bodies are too much, that our voices are too loud, and our presence blinding, how did we get here? I can't count the number of scenes on RHOA where Eva hits a cast member with a 1-2 punch normally centered around her ability to produce children. But it's not just the badge of motherhood she wears but the darts towards angel mamas or women who struggle with fertility. On one end women shout for equality and with the same tongue spew obscenities such as "You're not a mother you wouldn't know about that"!

Watch my take on Weaponizing Fertility on WTF(ertility) below!

Reflection Question:

How do you feel about people using motherhood to feel superior over others?

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