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Jolly Jam2k19: Angel Mama's Christmas Gift

The holiday season is such a challenge for those who have experienced a loss, whether that is a loss of a loved one, job, or any other major loss. This is a season that is a painful reminder for some of what they do not have or what they are missing because of what they lost. However, Ashley, an angel mama I met virtually on Instagram, chose to redirect the loss and pain and turn her energy in investing into her community. Ashley, is from a town called LaGrange, a few hours outside of the city of Atlanta, but holds the vibes of community, culture, and love that reminded me of my little hometown of College Station in Texas. Despite experiencing a similar loss as mine in July 2019 (3 months after I lost my son), Ashley has leaned into her community for support by collaborating with local community partners, churches, and local businesses make this event possible. More than just a Christmas convening, Jolly Jam was filled with joy, activities, brothers and sisters, and more. I felt right at home when I walked in to see children making gingerbread homes, dance competitions with their parents, and a game truck for all the gamers. When I asked Ashley why she chose to trade her ashes for the beauty of God, she said "I want to show that this is my family and my community". This brought me so much joy, as celebs like Beyoncé have reiterated that mothering yourself involves your community during the healing process of loss. Make sure to watch the recap of Jolly Jam 2K19 below and follow @giannaspromiseinc to keep up with how you can support this Angel Mama!

Trading Ashes Question:

How are you honoring your angel baby this season?

“I want to thank God for working way har

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