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Your Inner Lily

The story behind this blog resonates with this scripture. In a place of frustration, despair, and loneliness I turned my focus towards the one faithful aspect in my life, God. I began to write, listen, and talk to God daily. In this unknown journey I blossomed and began to realize the key towards abundance and purposefulness...FAITH. Everything in nature blossoms and flourishes without thought or worry and it is through FAITH that this fruitfulness could be existent in my own personal life. Surely, God thinks more of me than a lily, thus his plans for your life and mine are abundant, fruitful, and prosperous. Walking in FAITH leads you to your purpose towards the abundance that you are seeking. Despite what the current situation may appear to be or how distraught your experience may seem there is only a need for a small amount of FAITH to push you towards God's destiny for your life.

Blossoming into a Lily Amongst Thorns represented to me a shift in my old ways towards more purposeful ways that glorify God and lead to abundance. Lily's represent 6 phases of life:

  • Purity- You are a reflection of God thus you inherit his pure heart of gold

  • Sympathy - This journey is not just for you. Expand your purpose to impact others.

  • Virtue- Renew your mind daily. This is a journey and process of change to blossom into the woman you are destined to be.

  • Devotion- Consistent commitment to the calling on your life is necessary for your journey.

  • Prosperity- Promises of prosperity aren't absent of struggle.

  • Restoration- You are a new creation and heir to the throne of abundance when you choose to walk in your purpose.

This blog is dedicated to all of the millennial women embracing the journey of blossoming into the women they are called to be and for the women who have reached that journey. Connecting with other women of faith and purpose in general is how we will all reach our abundance and purpose in life. There's enough room for all of us young popping millennial women to flourish and glorify God in the same breath. Walk with me in OUR journey towards OUR purpose as Lilies Amongst Thorns.

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Abundant Immaculate Love,

Dadriaunna Williams


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