Her Journey 

Dadriaunna Williams began her journey as a Lily in December 2016 in Houston, Texas. It was at the crossroads of a tumultuous relationship and a prosperous professional career as an educator that she was propelled into her purpose. Raised in Houston, Texas, Dadriaunna Williams was what most would consider lucky, but what her parents deemed as covered and ordained. Well-spoken, considerate, innovative, inquisitive, and an advocate for others were qualities and strengths of her DNA that God had detailed for an ultimate purpose. Through her journey as an educator she developed her strength of compassion and innovation which ignited her to move to New York while simultaneously drawing her closer to her faith. On a pursuit towards her purpose, realized through pain, Dadriaunna, began to share her journey to purpose and commitment to the promise. While doing so she began to see that other millennial women shared her journey and challenges as well. Understanding the importance of community and sisterhood, from her experience at Spelman College, Dadriaunna sought to replicate a digital community of faith to support millennial women, like herself, through encouragement, scripture, testimony, and innovation. She sought to utilize all of her previous experiences of non-profit work, curriculum design, culture development, organizational management, programming, and design to provide digital landscape for millennial women to live abundantly in the prosperity and purpose they are created for. Dadriaunna Williams is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Instructional Technology and Design from Teachers College at Columbia University.


"Lilies are young women, like myself, on a pursuit to find their purpose .

Lilies represent purity, sympathy, virtue, devotion, prosperity, and restoration. 

 Lilies represent you and I."

-Dadriaunna Williams