December 12, 2018

God you have planted the seed

and I've watered it with your word,

I have been diligent and patient.

I know you have grown me internally

and I'm prepared to see the growth

manifest in the natural realm.

I call with power and authority my harvest.

The harvest that has my name o...

December 12, 2018

Lord do not let me mistake your correction for punishment, 

let me trust and believe that you are covering me and protecting me

from things that I cannot see and do not know. 

I ask that you are patient with me in revealing 

that your love comes in many forms and because 


December 12, 2018

God make my goals aligned to your vision.

Let me not be distracted by the goals and awards of others

but to remain focused on what you have for me.

Let me be my own goals through your strength and your wisdom.

Make visible to me the tools, resources, and people that are ne...

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