Dadriaunna Williams is the founder of Lily Amongst Thorns, a platform to support millennial women to access Purpose Driven Abundant Living. Dadriaunna started her journey in 2016 by writing a book then branching out to a blog. The intimate relationship between Dadriaunna and God became  a way of life. Her prophetic writing and connection to the world activated faith for other women. Her intent is to transparently share her journey in identifying the promise over her life and fulfilling her purpose: Creating, Blessing, and Uplifting millennial women along their journey to Abundant Living. 

Through surrendering her life to Christ she has tapped into the anointing of creating digital products and a platform for women like herself who are stepping out on faith, believing the promise, and curious about their original identity. A Christian entrepreneur, digital native, and faith creative, Dadriaunna provides a haven for being in the world and not of the world and truly seeing God in ALL things. 


Dadriaunna is a proud Spelman Alumnae and Teachers College graduate who has a passion for serving and allowing her life to transcend and emulate the glory of Christ.

Begin your journey today and start living a life of abundance!

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